To fight Identity Fraud,

you’ve come to the right place


Weed out Identity Fraud & Malicious Intent from your business

Machine Intelligence

Let Innovative Automated Machine Intelligence save you Millions of Dollars

We acquire data from multiple sources that associate a person’s identity and we combine that with our understanding of fraudster’s tactics targeted to each specific industry/use case. Our machine learning models use this consortium and historic data to model the real time risk of Identity at each interaction

Why Choose Guardinex

We scour billions of data points, so you don't have to. Every PII fragment that is used leaves a footprint on the Web. We've got our eyes on these trails, including those on the Dark Web.
We use years of experience, insight & intuition on Fraudster behavior to intelligently train Machine Learning Models to predict with high precision and recall. As Fraudster's tactics change, we anticipate and adapt to defeat Fraud
Our techniques can compute a high quality identity risk score with minimal PII information provided to us. This is possible because we analyze many signals and relationships associated with every PII fragment.
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To fight Identity Fraud,
you’ve come to the right place